Baseball & Softball Batting Cages

We have turned management of this space over to Dewayne Rosenbaum and his staff of highly trained instructors.  Call 704-281-1768 for team training or private instruction.

Whether you're looking to train for the season or just want to have some fun, our indoor batting cages are perfect for kids and adults alike. We have 3 pitching machines that are setup for baseball and softball. The batting cages can also be added to our Birthday Party Packages.

The enitre 10,000sq-ft room can also be rented out to teams and groups. Our indoor baseball and softball training room is the perfect place to maximize your team's potential while staying affordable. Because everything's indoors, weather is never a problem! And with our location only 30mins from downtown Charlotte, we're an easy practice destination to get to.

Pitching Machine Types:
      • One Baseball Pitching Machine set at 65mph (70ft cage)
      • One Softball Pitching Machine set at 45mph (70ft cage)
      • One Baseball Pitching Machine set at 55mph (55ft cage)


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the batting cages open to the public now?

No,  As of July 1st 2014 management has been turned over to Dewayne Rosenbaum.  He is currently only accepting private lessons and team practices.  He hopes to be able toopen the batting cages up again to the public soon.  Dewayne can be reached at 704-281-1768

Can the height and speed of the pitch be adjusted on the pitching machines?

Yes, both the height and the speed can be adjusted on our pitching machines but this can only be done by one of our staff members.

What kind of baseball equipment do you supply? Can I bring my own?

We supply a variety of helmets and bats. You can bring your own equipment but please make sure it's labeled with your name.

I have a small child, can they pretend to be Happy Gilmore and get hit by the baseballs?