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November Specials Article

2018 November Specials

Click the image on the left for our November Specials. Celebrate Veterans Day at the Pit on November 12th with two specials to honor our veterans! Have your kids get into the Black Friday fun with our exclusive Black Friday Special!

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Upcoming Events & Special Hours:

  • template event: gruday, 4:00am - 4:30pm

Regular Operating Hours

Safety waivers are required for the kart racing and all the activities except the arcade. Yeah, we don't like them either but unfortunately we're required to have them. But hey, we've made it as easy as possible. You can now register on-line! Now your check-in process will be even quicker... Boo ya!

Adult Waiver (ages 16+) Youth Waiver (ages 1-15)

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Go-Kart Pricing


Activity Pricing

  • Arcade Games & Billiards
  • Black Light Mini-Golf
  • Laser Tag Arena
  • Cannonball Air Blaster
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars
  • Peanut Track
Arcade Games

Arcade Games & Billiards

We offer over 65 arcade games and 4 billiard tables for both kids and adults alike. Many games give out tickets that can be redeemed for tons of cool...

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  • 4 Tokens: $ 1.00
  • 100 Tokens: $ 20.00

Black Light Mini-Golf

Check out our medieval themed 18-hole course that follows the story of a Wizard who seeks a tresure guarded by a dragon. As you play, try and find...

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  • Regular Price: $ 5.00
  • Member Price: $ 5.00
  • Duration: 18 Holes
Laser Tag

Laser Tag Arena

Battle it out in our 3,600sq.ft. Laser Tag Arena where up to 20 participants can play. Illuminated by 72 black lights, the arena gets even better...

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  • Regular Price: $ 8.50
  • Member Price: $ 7.50
  • Duration: 10 Minutes

Cannonball Air Blaster

Load your cannons and battle it out with other players to see who can score the most balls in each other's nets. There are four stations with two cannons...

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  • Regular Price: $ 5.00
  • Member Price: $ 5.00
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Challenge yourself on our 21-foot tall rock climbing wall with 6 climbing stations! The climbing routes vary per station and range anywhere from a...

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  • Regular Price: $ 5.00
  • Member Price: $ 5.00
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
Spin Zone

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Now you can ram into your buddies and not get in trouble! Check out our new arena with 10 Spin Zone bumper cars. Hit the target and make them spin!

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  • Regular Price: $ 5.00
  • Member Price: $ 5.00
  • Duration: 3:45 Minutes
Peanut Track

Peanut Track

Now even little kids can have in on the racing fun, with The Pit's Peanut Track! The track is peanut shaped and we have eight Falcon kiddy-karts available to run the track.

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  • Regular Price: $ 8.50
  • Member Price: $ 7.50
  • Duration: 5 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hours are you guys open? +

    Below are our normal operating hours. Remember to check the Hours & Directions page for our normal hours, summer hours, special holiday hours, and track closings due to Private Events.
    • Mon - Wed 3:00pm - 10:00pm
    • Thursday 11:00am - 10:00pm
    • Fri & Sat 11:00am - Midnight
    • Sunday 1:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Why do I need to sign the safety waiver? +

    Our Safety Waiver verifies all information you entered into our kiosk for your customer profile is accurate and that you understand and agree to follow all of our safety rules and procedures for each activity. The Safety Waiver also states that we will never give out or sell your information. You can find our Safety Waiver here. Read More
  • Why should I become a member? +

    With a membership you have access to lower rates and monthly specials, which are not available to non-members. You can also buy races and store them on your card. The more races you buy at one time, the cheaper it is per race. As a member you also have access to our Endurance Races and Leagues.
  • Does the info I entered for my customer profile stay private? +

    Absolutely! When you sign in on one of our kiosks you'll only enter basic information. Whether making a purchase in person or over the phone we never store or keep any billing information. Again, all customer information is strictly confidential and is never given out or sold.
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