Indoor Go-Kart Racing
Wanna race? Meet at The Pit!

Putting Race Fans behind the Wheel

Indoor go-kart racing may not be what you think. These are no theme park go-karts where passing is impossible and braking is not needed. The Pit's Indoor Kart Racing is real racing. With karts being mere inches off the concrete surface and capable of speed over 40 mph, it offers an experience no other racing venue can. Lap times are measured down to a thousandth of a second with the computerized timing system, and each participant receives a copy of their lap times and the lap times of all other racers on the track. So if you’re looking for a fun and affordable adrenaline rush then look no further, The Pit Indoor Kart Racing has just what you want.

Race Info

  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Group Size: 1-14 racers
  • Safety Waiver Required

Adult Kart Requirements

  • Age: 16+ (Must have Proof of age)
  • Height Min: 48" tall (NC State requirement)
  • Weight Max: 300 lbs

Youth Kart Requirements

  • Age: 8-15 years old
  • Height Min: 48" tall (NC State requirement)
  • Weight Max: 170 lbs
Pit Indoor Kart Track Layout

Indoor Track

The Pit Indoor Kart Racing’s 70,000 Sq. Ft. track is one of the largest, single indoor kart tracks in the country. At just over a 3rd of a mile in length, our track offers 20 challenging turns. Special care went into the design so it would challenge experienced racers, yet still be fun for beginners.

What separates our indoor track from the rest is the 20-foot width all the way around the track. Our 22-foot wide front straightaway allows for exciting grid-starts for group events. Simply put, more room on track means more passing, more speed, and more of that adrenaline rush.



The Pit Indoor Kart Racing has 20 Biz Evo 2 LeMans adult karts and 10 Sodi youth karts. Our Go-Karts are NOT your typical slowed down amusement karts. Capable of speeds over 45MPH, these karts are unquestionably the best adrenaline rush you can have without the high costs of pro-racing.


All the gear you'll need to jump behind the wheel is provided. This includes a helmet, neckbrace and an optional racing suit. We provide headsocks to wear under our helmets free of charge. Closed toed shoes are also required. Should you arrive in some other type of footwear, we offer rental shoes for $2.

Top Times

Want to check out the fastest times on our track?

Top Times

Safety & Rules

  • Track Marshals Always obey the track marshals. Any customer who ignores a warning by a marshal will be given a polite verbal warning after the race. Repeated offenses may result in a customer’s removal/ban from future races.
  • Equipment & Clothing All drivers must wear a DOT approved full face helmet, neck collar, and closed toe shoes. We provide both of these but you can bring your own helmet and/or neck collar if you want. Just make sure they’re in good condition and have the proper DOT or SFI safety rating.
  • Health Concerns Kart racing poses special risks to people with neck or back problems, heart conditions, anyone who is pregnant, anyone who should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment. If you have any doubt, please check with your doctor before racing.
  • Drinking & Driving The Pit has a strict "zero tolerance policy" regarding alcohol and/or drug abuse. Any person who fails or refuses to take a breathalyzer test, or appears to be under the influence, will not be permitted to race.
  • No Bumping Just like in professional racing, we do not allow “intentional contact”. Of course we understand the saying “rubbin is racing” but anyone displaying aggression (physical or verbal) towards other customers or our track marshals will be removed from the race. No refunds will be given. If you see a faster moving racer coming up behind you, it is courteous to move to the outer wall of the track to alow the faster racer to pass. Our track marshals will indicate with a "move over" sign if a faster racer is coming up on you. No Bumping applies when entering the race pit after the race, do not jostle the kart ahead of you when parking your kart.
  • Conduct When Crashed If you spin out the kart wait for a marshal to assist you. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get out of the kart or push yourself away from the barriers with either your hands or feet. Stay inside the kart at all times. Never drive backwards on the track to turn around.

If a customer is not following the safety rules, we reserve the right to terminate their experience without refund.

  • How old do you have to be to race? Is a driver's license required? >

    To race our youth karts (remember these karts are much faster than amusement karts) you must be between the ages of 8 - 15 and at least 48 inches tall. For our adult karts you must be age 16 or older and have proof of age (driver's license, birth certificate, passport, etc). All customers will sign a Safety Waiver specifying their age. It is illegal to falsify a birth-date on this legal document.
  • Can youth and adults race at the same time? >

    No. Due to the size difference of our youth and adult karts we do not allow them to be on the track at the same time for safety reasons.
  • Do I need anything to race? Can I bring my own helmet? >

    We require a fully clothed body and closed-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). We supply neck-collars (required), race-suits (optional), and helmets (required). You can bring your own helmet as long as it's closed-face, good condition, and DOT, SNELL, or equivalent safety approved. We don't allow open-face helmets, motocross helmets (even with goggles), or pit crew helmets.
  • How long is one go-kart race? When does the time start? >

    Races are 8 minutes long and start when the last kart leaves the pit area. Usually you can do 8 - 10 laps depending on how fast you go.
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