Peanut Track & Kiddy-Karts

Now even little kids can have in on the racing fun, with The Pit's Peanut Track! The track is peanut shaped and we have eight Falcon kiddy-karts available to run the track. These Falcon Karts can get up to 7 mph with hand pedals for the gas and breaks. The kiddy-karts have a weight limit is 90 lbs, and ages 3+ with no upper age limit as long as they meet the weight limit. These karts have timing transponders just like the big karts and run up to 7 mph. The track has many of the same the bells and whistles of the larger go-karts including timing transponders and speed seats for the kids races. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ride with my child in my lap? +

    No, not unless both you and your child together weigh less than 90 lbs.
  • Can I walk next to my child while they drive the track? +

  • 1